Web-based European Knowledge Network On Water

Countries: European Countries
Client/Funding: European Commission, EU 5th Programme Project No. EVK1-2001-00315
Duration: 2002 – 2005

The project formed a thematic network on drinking water with stakeholders in water supply from all over Europe as participants. The network consists of more than 350 contact partners from both from EU Member States and other European countries and includes research institutes, consumer organisations, branch organisations, water supply companies, universities, national regulators, environmental institutes, and public health institutes. The thematic network is focused on a smooth implementation of the Drinking Water Directive (Directive on the Quality of Water intended for Human Consumption 98/83/EC).

Among major activities were: exchange and training of personnel (capacity building); dissemination of results; production of a periodical news bulletin; creation of a dedicated web-site for the thematic network; RTD and inventory of gaps in knowledge; workshops on the (i) implementation and interpretation of the Drinking Water Directive, (ii) materials in contact with drinking water; (iii) emerging topics; (iv) monitoring of water quality; evaluation of the thematic network and the creation of a web-based knowledge institute. WEKNOW is providing a platform for meetings of the leading European experts in drinking water area via (i) participation in the Expert Working Groups on Chemistry, Microbiology and Sampling and Monitoring and (ii) two annual WEKNOW Drinking Water Conferences. Position papers of WEKNOW EWGs are used for drafting of the new DWD revision.

Environmental Institute has been responsible for the following activities: