European Analytical Quality Control in Support of the Water Framework Directive via the Water Information System for Europe

Country: EU 25 and Candidate and Accession countries
Client/funding: European Commission / EU FP6 project No. 022603; STREP
Duration: 10/2005 – 10/2008
Partners: 17 European institutions, BRGM, France - coordinator

European analytical quality control scheme for water, sediment and soil analysis. The objectives of EAQC-WISE were:

The main output was a blue print of an efficient and potentially sustainable QC system for WFD implementation. The blue print was disseminated via CIRCA and the WISE portal of the EC.

Environmental Institute was the task leader in WP2: research surveys to identify QC gaps, notably for pre-normative research on difficult parameters and sampling operations with emphasis on priority substances and pollutants of Annex VIII. Identification of QA/QC training materials and needs in Europe.